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The Art os Sandcarving

Butch YoungI’ve made my living in the decorative sandblasting medium for almost twenty-two years. During these years, I’ve blasted on almost anything you can think of. I have commissions in high-end galleries, institutions, casinos, airports, private collections, restaurants, bars, and homes all over the world. However, it has always been my opinion that it doesn’t matter what I can do, if I can’t teach others to succeed as well. - Butch Young

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Butch Young's 2014 Schedule

This year, many exciting things will be happening; none however, will be group classes. I will be taking a year off from classes due to the uncertainty of my situation, and the new things I am putting into motion. Sooooo, here’s the deal. At this point, I have three commissions to deliver to Albuquerque and Sedona, a seven day private student, two former students who will be taking 4-day refresher courses, and the Vegas Glass and Bead Show, all before the first of April. In addition, our house is on the market, and must always be pristine for showings. Try that with six dogs and three cats. Once again, all of this is in the next forty days. (Did I mention the commissions weren’t finished yet?)

The rest of the year goes like this. Hopefully, we will be moving, I must have two knee replacements, and, as many of you already know, I am starting an interactive online blasting magazine. Another little project is a new stencil design and service business in which Rayzist will play a meaningful role. We will be providing individual images, standard patterns and custom designs of all sizes. They will be available in both photo mask, plotter cut or simply a pattern if you want to do your own work. Rayzist will be providing all finished photoresist stencils. (More on this later.)

I am also finally moving forward with some webinars since I cannot teach the numbers I would like to teach 1 to 4 persons at a time. I am interviewing videographers in all my spare time. Thank you for being such loyal followers. Bye for now and stay tuned for further updates.



I am very happy to announce that my new interactive, online zine, BLAST-Phemy, is on its way. Currently, there is not much out there to help prospective, newbie, hobbyist, or professional blasters. As many of you know, I wrote for GlassArt magazine for many, many years; but now it has been sold. I was asked to write for the new owner, and gave it a great deal of thought. However, I decided that the sandblasters of the world needed more than one article every two months to feed their addiction. In addition, there is an entire world of sandblasting out there to explore, and this zine will attempt to cover it all.

I want to write about all things blasting; from removing rust and paint off of cars, etc., to high end fine art blasting, and everything in between. We will explain differences between photo resist stencils, plotter cut stencils, and handcutting, and, when to use each of these for the best results.

Rayzist will kindly provide valuable information on the ins and outs of photomask, and there will be many short videos on various phases of stencil making, application, and blasting possibilities that will show you how to take the stencils farther than you ever thought possible.

There will be featured artists, videos, educational articles, a newbie section, questions and answers. We will also welcome pictures of work you’re proud of, and a bit of info about them. I never want to forget that we were all beginners at one time, so no queries will be too basic or silly.

I want a well-rounded magazine, and I encourage everyone’s input. Please let me know what you would like to see. After all, it is your publication, so get involved. I never want it to be static. In order to be of significant help, it must grow and evolve, as you will as blasters.

For the first year, there will be a monthly subscription fee, payable through PayPal, so that if we are not meeting your needs and expectations, you may stop at any time. If all goes well, there will be an annual subscription beginning with year two. Please get back to me with any questions, suggestions, or concerns. We hope to have the first issue online the beginning of June. Thanks to those who have already signed up.

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