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"When someone is unwilling to invest in 'process improvement' they're spending that lost time (inefficiency) on margin." - Marcus Lemonis

It's All About the Process

What area can a Sandcarving business invest in process improvement? There are ways to speed up the process and move quicker through the production line, but sometimes the obvious is overlooked. How much time do you really spend washing out your photoresist film and what is your time worth? An automatic washout system will give you more time allowing you to focus on something significant than something tedious. Investing in an automatic washout system will change your process and allow you to increase film usage in less time. This investment will allow you to accept those large jobs without the stress of hand producing multiple sheets. A washout system will provide consistent results every time, not mention the time saved on the process.

View the chart automation verses hand washing and see for yourself. The time saved using a washout system will make the difference in your profit margin.

When does your business need the investment of an Automatic Washout System? To answer this question correctly, ask yourself how much photoresist film is your business using per week?

5 - 9 sheets per week 1020 Self-Propelled System 1 - 8.5"x14" sheet per cycle
10 - 59 sheets per week 1232 Automatic Washout System 2 - 8.5"x14" sheets per cycle
60+ sheets per week 1650 Automatic Washout System 5 - 8.5"x14" sheets per cycle


The chart below shows hand washing verses automatic wash time, but the chart does not show the time saved in labor. The operator can start exposing the next sheet since the washout system is hands free. This allows the operator to move quickly through the exposure and wash process.

Hand Wash Process Time

5 sheets (8.5"x14") 7 minutes Hand Wash
20 sheets (8.5"x14") 28 minutes Hand Wash
40 sheets (8.5"x14") 56 minutes Hand Wash

1020 Self-Propelled System Process Time 1 sheet per cycle

5 sheets (8.5"x14") 4 minutes - 1020 System
20 sheets (8.5"x14") 16 minutes - 1020 System
40 sheets (8.5"x14") 32 minutes - 1020 System

1232 Automatic Washout System Process Time 2 sheets per cycle

5 sheets (8.5"x14") 3.75 minutes - 1232 System
20 sheets (8.5"x14") 7.5 minutes - 1232 System
40 sheets (8.5"x14") 15 minutes - 1232 System


Note: Time calculated using SR2000™ and SR3000™ 3mil film. Time will increase with thicker film.


1650 Automatic Washout System:

Manage your high-output photoresist processing faster and better with the Rayzist Photomask 1650 Automatic Washout System. With an exclusive, patented design, the Automatic Washout System jump starts your productivity by automating the washout process and producing ultra consistent results. If you are washing out at least 200 feet of photoresist film monthly, nothing but the 1650 will do. 

Note: The use of any photoresist film materials in our Rayzist Automatic Washout Systems other than Rayzist SR2000™ or SR3000™ films will void any manufactures warranty. Rayzist cannot validate any foreign materials or chemicals used in our patented film processors.

Overall: 33"d x 42"w x 63"h

Shipping Weight: 545 lbs.

Electrical: 20 AMP, 208-240VAC, 50/60Hz, Single Phase.


  • Hot water inlet
  • 1.5 inch pvc drain
  • Power


  • Automatic washout
  • High speed film washout
  • Ultra consistent results
  • Accommodates five standard 8.5" x 14" film sheets
  • Precision nozzle placement
  • 10 High pressure spray nozzles
  • Auxiliary hand washer
  • Consistent drum rotation
  • Consistent water pressure
  • Energy efficient motor
  • High efficiency pump
  • 30 Gallon heated reservoir
  • Simple to use control panel
  • Programmable timer
  • One button cycle function
  • Easy glide, stainless steel wash head cover
  • Epoxy powder coated stainless steel interior
  • Aluminum diamond plate body
  • Epoxy powder coated tray
  • Built on locking wheels
  • UL approved
  • Low maintenance
  • Reduces operator fatigue
  • Patented equipment design (#5,366,584)
Call 800-729-9478 and place your order!
Call 800-729-9478 and place your order!