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I can't get the air to stop coming out my hose. The foot pedal has no control. I have taken apart my entire assembly at the bottom of the pot, replaced the white block along with the rubber diaphragm.

This could only be caused by two possible problems:

   1. Air-supply. The Pressure Pot requires at least 80psi supplied to the pot for the diaphragm to stop the flow of air and sand through the white valve body (lower media valve). The upper media valve requires a minimum 30psi greater pressure then your blasting pressure (shown on pot's regulator). The upper media valve receives the unregulated air-supply from the compressor. Confirm your Air Compressor is set at the maximum air-output there should be no air restriction to the pot.
   2. Foot Pedal Actuator. There is an actuator located in your foot pedal housing that interrupts the air supply when stepping on the pedal. When the pedal is not being depressed it is "normally open" meaning the air is flowing through it. Once you step on the pedal it allows the built up pressure in the lower media valve to force the diaphragm open and the sand and air to flow through the lower media valve and the blasting hose. If your sand and air is not stopping, possibly the foot pedal actuator is stuck closed or pressed in and will not spring back out. Open the foot pedal housing and confirm the actuator tab springs in and out when pressing the tab.

Why is no sand coming out of my nozzle?

If sand has stopped flowing from your sandblast hose nozzle the first thing people think of is the foot pedal however; most of the time, the problem lies in the nozzle.

If your pressure pot is pressurized and no sand is flowing here is what you can do.

Step 1: Check the nozzle and confirm that there is nothing stuck in the orifice of the nozzle. If you can not see through the nozzle, try the following:

  • Use a paperclip to loosen and remove the blockage. If this does not increase your sand flow, proceed to Step 2

Step 2:  Remove the nozzle and the nozzle holder inside your cabinet

  • Close the air valve under the blasting pressure gauge, open the sand flow valve under the pressure pot all the way and increase your blasting pressure.
  • Step on the foot pedal for several seconds, this will force the debris to pass through the sandblast hose.
    Once the debris has passed through, you will need to reset your air and sand flow level to 45 degrees and replace the nozzle and nozzle holder.