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Magic Dark™ Overview

Whether, you are just beginning or an experienced sandcarver, you should know that a good quality film print is key to processing a superior photomask. Although other factors may be involved, it all begins with a dark, opaque film print; this is why we are pleased to bring to you one of the best alternative repair solutions on the market today known as Magic Dark.

Magic Dark empowers you to create professional quality photomasks—right from your own laser jet printer. It’s an innovative formula that keeps you from spending hundreds of dollars on professional prints or a commercial quality printer.

Magic Dark works by darkening the toner on the film prints you’ve created with your monochrome laser jet printer. The effect is dramatic. An application of Magic Dark can quickly transform a blotchy, streaky or inconsistent print into a sharply defined design that’s ready for exposure and processing. Magic Dark can darken your film print up to three times darker.


  • Magic Dark starter kit: 1 stainless steel roller and 8 oz. supply of Magic Dark toner repair solution, $61.75
  • 1 qt. supply of Magic Dark toner repair solution, $67.25
  • 8 oz. supply of Magic Dark toner repair solution, $30.25

The Economical, Easy Way

Experienced sandcarvers know that processing a poor quality film print practically guarantees that you will waste your time and your photoresist film. At a minimum, using a poor quality film print will result in longer washout times. So when your laser jet printer doesn’t produce consistent results, you have only three options:

  • Take your artwork files to a professional print shop, drop them off, and return later to pick up your film prints
  • Purchase your own commercial quality printer
  • Use Magic Dark to quickly, easily darken your laser jet prints

Magic Dark is by far the most affordable and efficient solution available.


  • Magic Dark is suitable for use on film prints created by most monochrome laser jet printers, including: HP,Canon, Xerox, Xante, Epson and Sharp.
    Do not use Magic Dark on film prints created by ink jet printers or color laser jet printers.
  • We recommend using Magic Dark only in well ventilated areas.
    Magic Dark is a pleasantly scented formula that is non-toxic, environmentally friendly and waterproof.


You’ll find that using Magic Dark is effortless with 3 easy steps:

magic Dark Set One


After printing, lay your film print on a smooth, flat surface.

Magic Dark Step Two


Spray 4 to 5 pumps of Magic Dark over the top of your artwork; solution must cover entire image area. Oversaturation is acceptable. Use in a well ventilated area.

Magic Dark Step Three

Roll & Dry

Using your steel roller, roll one time moving from the bottom to the top of your artwork area. Allow your film print to dry.

You can repeat these steps again if necessary, as long you allow the film print to dry completely after rolling. With each application, the black areas of your film print get darker and more solid.

After each use, clean the excess solution off your steel roller by using a paper towel. This will help prevent build up from the solution and keep it in good working condition.

View the instructional video here!

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Call 800-729-9478 and place your order!