Getting Started with Sandcarving

Getting Started with Sandcarving

Whether you are interested in Sandcarving for business or recreation, you only need a few items to get started:

  1. A complete Sandcarving System, which includes the cabinet, pressure pot, dust filtration system, hose and nozzle
  2. Abrasive etching material such as aluminum oxide or silicon carbide
  3. UV Letralite™ exposure unit to make your photomask
  4. Photoresist film
  5. Air compressor

Your total initial investment, including the cost of the Sandcarving system, is typically starts at $5,500.

Recommended Software & Printer Information


Vector (line art) Based Artwork
  1. Adobe™ Illustrator
  2. CorelDraw™
  3. Inkscape
Bitmap (photo manipulation) Software
  1. Adobe™ Photoshop
  2. Corel™ Photo-Paint
  3. GIMP


In order to create a Photoresist film for Sandcarving, you will need to have an Inkjet printer.

For Inkjet Printers, make sure your settings are set to print 100% black on the “Gray Scale” setting. This will insure that your printer is not mixing colors (CMYK / RGB) in order to get an opaque black film. This setting will force the printer to only print in black, giving you the best print film ready for exposure. Rayzist carries the transparent print film necessary to complete this process with inkjet printers, we call it Inkjet Film.