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Rayzist Photomask | The Engravers Choice | Issue 1 955 Park Center Drive
What’s New in 2010 for Rayzist Photomask 20% OFF Aluminum Oxide and $50 OFF April Sandcarving Workshop

Rayzist Photomask would like to introduce to you our new monthly e-mail newsletter for 2010.

In this newsletter we will provide you with monthly specials, up to date sandcarving tips, techniques, resources, our local appearance schedule, featured article and a How-to video. All of them, designed to help you succeed in your sandcarving business.

We are constantly developing new products and services to make your sandcarving business more efficient and more profitable. Our new e-mail newsletter will keep you posted on the products and services we have that will help make your business stronger.

Monthly Specials. Every month, our website will offer exclusive specials for our customers. Call us and take advantage of these outstanding deals throughout the year!

Monthly Sandcarving Tips – Investing Education Tips. Look for our monthly sandcarving tips in your email and learn from sandcarving experts! We have 25 years of experience and ideas to share with you.

Services. We are fully committed to your success, and dedicated to supporting you as you grow your business. Do you have a project that you have never done before? Do you have a large order that requires more manpower than you have available? You can take on those new or large projects, and still meet your customers’ needs flawlessly, with our Custom Mask and Business-to-Business services.

Local Appearances. The Rayzist sales team is attending trade shows in a city near you. Visit our booth and learn all the benefits of working with SR3000™. You’ll also get free in-booth education and hands-on demonstrations of carving techniques.

Workshops. Learn Sandcarving from the experts at Rayzist. Our Basic Workshop is two days, Friday and Saturday you can expect to complete six projects during this educational, eventful time.

The Advanced Sandcarving Workshop is an intense three days of taking your sandcarving skills to the next level.

Both workshops are held in our state of the art facility in Southern California. The workshops are perfect for new business owners, students and employees.

How-to Videos. Rayzist is providing short how-to videos on projects. You can find them on our website.

You can still expect manufacturer direct product for sandcarving equipment, processing equipment, exposure systems, and supplies, including sandcarving films (SR3000™, SR2000™) and LazerMask™.

Thank you for choosing Rayzist Photomask
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All workshops held in Vista, Ca

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