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Blasting a Photo on Tempered Glass

Dog PhotoDog SetupDog Final

Blasting a half tone photo can be very intimidating, even to the experienced. That is why when I accepted a job to blast a memorial photo on a car window, intimidating would easily be considered an understatement. After all, this would be the first half tone I have ever blasted.

I work in the Custom Mask Art Department here at Rayzist Photomask where we provide custom photomasks to customers all over the country and beyond. We receive artwork from all types of sources and one aspect of my job is to make sure the artwork being received is appropriate for our medium. But one thing I often forget, because I don't blast on a daily basis, is how durable our material actually is. I found that sandblasting was actually the easiest part of the job (more about that later), it was actually the setup that took the most time, thought, and energy.

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Sandblasting Photographs

OriginalDog Photo ConversionDog Setup FinishedDog Final


Although halftone images may seem intimidating for some, the truth is, producing halftone images are easy once you are aware of the fundamental principles of the process.

1. Select the right size of an actual photo. Photo’s will work best if image is larger than a 3x3 and the highest quality in resolution.

2. Photo touch up and conversion, this process is essential to creating your photomask.

3. Printing, this plays a vital role in the success of your photomask. Always print on approved film.

4. Wash-out, your attention to detail is required. You don’t want to over wash those tiny dots!

5. Clean, tape & apply.

6. Setting blasting pressures and sandblasting.

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