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Rayzist Photomask | The Engravers Choice | Issue 1 955 Park Center Drive

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Using SR2000™, the Heavy Duty Hitter
Concrete Surface and SR2000 by Billy Willis

Finished Brick Paver

I wanted briefly educate you on when and why you would consider using a heavier photoresist material. I will also, touch on depth, blasting pressures, paint fill, photomask removal and offer you free samples for you to try..

The focus of this article will be mainly about the concrete paver brick. Though, there are many different types of unpolished and irregular surfaces that I could mention, I will stick with the two that I seem to get asked about most often. They are the concrete paver brick and the traditional clay brick. These bricks are most commonly used in projects such as donor walls and walkways.

You should first know the difference between the two; I’ll begin with the traditional clay brick though there are different densities in clay brick, in comparison to concrete brick, the clay brick is made of sand and clay. I won’t go into the science of it all but; I will say that the clay brick does engrave much quicker than concrete in general because of its combination of matter. The cost of clay brick is a bit more expensive to purchase and can be personalized for any project.

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