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Achieving Optimal Equipment System Performance
Quick Tips From Our Tech Support Team

Rayzist Photomask Tech Support Team

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Do you remember how your sandcarving system performed when it was new? A new sandcarving system blasts clean, sharp abrasive to make quick and accurate cuts. The inside of the cabinet is bright and the viewing window is clear.

If your system isn’t cutting as cleanly as it once was, or if the visibility isn’t what you’d like it to be, it’s time to do some simple maintenance checks. Doing so will bring the clean, sharp feel and performance back to your sandcarving system. Be proactive about completing routine maintenance; you don’t want to get stuck in the middle of a large job!

The following maintenance tips are provided by your equipment support team at Rayzist Photomask:

Quick tips:

  • If you are experiencing an inconsistent air/sand flow, check the blasting nozzle for wear.
  • A worn nozzle increases airflow and presents the possibility of the mask to lift or blow off.
  • If the inside of your cabinet is excessively dusty, check the abrasive for wear.
  • If the inside of your cabinet looks cloudy, check your dust filtration bags.
  • If the light inside your cabinet is dim, check the lamps for frosting.
  • If there is dust on the floor around your cabinet, check the door seal and arm sleeves for wear.
  • Keep a replacement Foot Switch Valve (FSV) and tube sleeve on hand.

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