SR2000™ Overview

SR2000 is simply the industry’s sturdiest sandcarving film. It is a user-friendly, non-stick formulation that you can trust to withstand the demands of your deepest etches and hardest surfaces. Known as “Original Blue,” SR2000 is a legacy product that has earned a loyal fan base among Rayzist customers.

The Original Blue’s patented non-stick surface streamlines processing, without limiting your ability to carve fine details and compelling etches on a variety of materials. Use it for glass, wood, stone, ceramic, granite, marble, soft metals, and curved or flat surfaces.

When you’re ready to attach SR2000 to your substrate’s surface, simply apply Rayzist RZ2 or RZ3 adhesive with a foam brush or sprayer. The thin, watery glue then dries to a strong, reliable binding agent.

Trusted performance

SR2000 spares you the frustration of fighting with an ultra tacky adhesive surface. This advantage is particularly noticeable in humid environments, but SR2000 is equally reliable in dry conditions.

Our customers say SR2000 has all the features they need to carve more efficiently:

  • Manufacturer direct film support
  • Industry-leading durability
  • Easy application; no need to struggle with carrier release
  • No darkroom needed
  • Versatility; can be used on many surface types
  • Fast clean up; no solvents needed
  • Deeper Etch/Monument grade photoresist
  • Excellent detail
  • Quick washout
  • Rapid exposure
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