CNC Autoblaster Automatic Headstone Sandblasting System

CNC Autoblaster Automatic Headstone Sandblasting System

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CNC AUTOBLASTER is an automatic sandblast system specifically design to blast headstones. This electronically controlled sandblasting machine is operated by a PLC touchscreen display. CNC Autoblaster automatically controls the filter cleaning system and the abrasive level which reduces the operator’s activity only to adding the abrasive and removing dust. The device does not require any special knowledge and skills from the operator.

How It Works

  1. Simply load or place the headstone on the table or conveyor table
  2. Program only the blasting area and press start

The machine has complete control of blasting only image area from program. The CNC Autoblaster is fast and precise with consistent results

  • Automatic control of entire sandblasting process
  • Auto start and stop
  • Fully automatic abrasive refill
  • Low abrasive sensor
  • Compact
  • Energy efficient
  • Multiple blasting fields
  • Autoblaster adjust to multiple size tables
  • No skills required from the operator
  • Repetition of operations

Note: Industrial monument grade table or gravity fed conveyor roller not included.

Additional information

Weight 1836 lbs
Dimensions 65 × 63 × 63 in


What type of abrasive can be used in the CNC Autoblaster?

All types of monument and glass sandblasting abrasive can be used in the CNC Autoblaster. Sinterball, aluminum zirconia, garnet, aluminum oxide and silicon carbide are more commonly used with the system.

What size air compressor is required to operate the CNC Autoblaster?

The air compressor requirement is 40 CFM or higher with an airline size 3/4” ID.

Can a diesel air compressor be used?

A diesel air compressor can be used to operate the CNC Autoblaster. Diesel air compressors will create oily and wet air. A good Air Dryer and oil separator must be installed.

Is an Air Dryer or Aftercooler required for the air compressor?

Air Dryer or Aftercooler is required for the air compressor operating the CNC Autoblaster.

Are replacement parts available from Rayzist Photomask?

All replacement parts are available and can be purchased through Rayzist.

Will the CNC Autoblaster only sandblast flat surfaces?

The CNC Autoblaster is designed to only sandblast flat surfaces.

What protective gear is required when operating the CNC Autoblaster?

Ear and eye protection is required when operating the machine.

What type of training is included with the purchase of a CNC Autoblaster?

Rayzist sends a well-qualified customer service representative to set up the CNC Autoblaster and provides onsite training at your facility operating the system. Setup of the CNC Autoblaster and training consists of 1 day. Training is provided in the contiguous United States. Any purchases outside of the contiguous United States will be an additional cost.

How much space is required for the CNC Autoblaster?

We recommend a 12’x7’ space to operate the CNC Autoblaster.

What type of table is required for the stone to sandblast?

A hydraulic cart, conveyor roller, adjustable industrial table or rolling rack and be used to set stone.


Automatic control of entire sandblasting process

Square stone in place, program sandblasting fields and walk away. The machine is designed to operate automatically.

Automatic abrasive refill

The machine is equipped with auto start and stop. When abrasive is low the machine signals and will stop sandblasting, then the machine automatically refills abrasive. The machine will start exactly where it stopped to refill abrasive.

Low abrasive sensor

The machine will pause, and a notification will appear on touch screen “Low on abrasive”. Add 50 lbs of abrasive at one time.

Filtration system

The CNC Autoblaster includes a triple stage filtration system. Dust and debris travel through three stages of filtration ensuring only useable media is recycled.


A limited area of 12’x7’ is all that is required for the CNC Autoblaster to operate. The pressure pot and filtration system are equipped with casters for easy movement.

Energy efficient

The CNC Autoblaster requires 110 volt and 20 amp to operate.

Multiple blasting fields

Program up to 10 fields easily for one stone.

CNC Autoblaster adjustable head

The head has 9” of travel to adjust to multiple size tables.

No skills required from the operator

The CNC Autoblaster is user friendly, and no skills are required to operate the machine. Onsite training is provided to ensure the user is comfortable with the setting the functions to sandblast.

Technical Details

System Specs

Sandblasting Area: 48″ x 52″ (max size before readjustments)
Overall dimensions: 78.74″ x 62.99″ x 78.7”
Shipping Weight: 1,836 lbs.

System Capability

Blasting Pressure: Monument Standards 50-120PSI Abrasive: 36 – 80 Grit
Abrasive: Sinterball, aluminum zirconia, garnet, aluminum oxide and silicon carbide
Sandblast Materials: granite, marble, bricks, tile, sandstone and glass or any other hard surfaces.

System Requirements

Air Compressor: 40 CFM of dry air with ¾”ID airline

Electrical: 110V / 20AMP /60HZ

Air Dryer or After Cooler

Shipping Details CNC Autoblaster

Shipping weight 1836 lbs.

Crate dimensions 72″ x 66″ x 72″

CNC Autoblaster ships by freight and delivery location must have a loading dock or forklift to unload. Crate is too large for a lift gate.


Why is there no sand is coming out of nozzle?

The common reason for no sand coming out of the nozzle is a clog. A clog could be located in the nozzle, hose or valve near pressure pot.


A. Open air valve 100% to blow out any debris.
B. Readjust air valve to preset setting. If still clogged, then proceed to C.
C. Depressurized machine.
D. Remove nozzle and check nozzle for debris.
E. Repressurize pressure pot and turn on machine, blow out hose with the nozzle removed. If still clogged, then proceed to F.
F. Remove union at bottom of pressure pot and check valve for debris.
G. Attached nozzle and pressurized. A clog is common when dealing with wet air or debris.


My machine froze and is non-responsive?

A. Check the Estop button and make sure it is not pressed.
B. Push in Estop then turn a ¼ turn counterclockwise or until Estop pops back out. If the stop is still non-responsive, then proceed to C.
C. Turn machine off, wait two minutes and turn machine back on. Then reference the machine.

How much abrasive can be added at initially?

At first a full 150 lbs. of abrasive can be added to the CNC Autoblaster pressure pot.

How much abrasive is required when the low abrasive sensor is on?

Only had 50 lbs. of abrasive at one time. Never add more than 50lbs when the low abrasive sensor is on.


The CNC Autoblaster ships in a large slat crate. The crate can only be shipped to a location with a forklift or loading dock.
Shipping weight: 1836lbs
Crate dimensions: 72″ x 66″ x 72″ 1836 lbs.

4 reviews for CNC Autoblaster Automatic Headstone Sandblasting System

  1. Eric Creviston

    Just purchased our autoblaster and finished up a day of training with Josh. We couldn’t be happier with the machine and the invaluable training we recieved onsite. Josh is full of knowledge and made the training fun, we were able to learn how to run it in a very short time. I would highly recommend this machine to anyone!

  2. Geoff Warleigh

    Absolutely incredible machine. The CNC Autoblaster has revolutionized the way we engrave stone making the whole process cleaner. more consistent and no operator fatigue.

  3. Sarah Walter

     Josh and the staff at Rayzist are an incredibly impressive team. We have been working with them for artwork, photomasks and most recently the purchase of photomask,1650 Automatic Washout System and CNC Autoblaster equipment. From day one, they have answered every question diligently and clearly with great care that we are able to get what we need. They’ve gone above and beyond customer service. There isn’t anything they haven’t been able to help with. They are truly experts and masters of their craft. We know we are in good hands working with them and we look forward to our continued education of their products and the great benefits of our new equipment to our production.

  4. Moises Gonzalez

    We just purchased this CNC Autoblaster for our high school and I have to say the machines performance is awesome. I was in charge of finding a machine that would fit our current needs and working with Rayzist made the process very simple. During our 2 day training we were able to run the machine and start pushing out product. Josh did an amazing job and we look forward to working with him and his team. After seeing what this machine does with our current brick supply, I really look forward to cutting more high end granite. Our school is currently working with uneven pavers and the machine is doing its job. Overall I’m excited to work with my engineering classes and show them how to run our new machine.

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