LazerMask™ Laser Engraving / Sandblasting Film

LazerMask™ Laser Engraving / Sandblasting Film

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LazerMask™ is an extremely durable sandcarving film and designed to be used with your CO2 or YAG Laser. The film is coated with a high tack adhesive for superior bond strength. LazerMask™ is a tough film and able to endure sandcarving natural stone, but able to provide a surface etch for fine crystal. Lazermask is recommended to use with Color Fill applications. LazerMask cleans easily with no residue left behind.

Utilize the accuracy and speed of a laser engraver to produce high-resolution stencils with LazerMask™. Laser engravers can achieve depth into glass, crystal, hard surfaces and stone with the simple process of a laser engraver, LazerMask and a sandcarving system.

8 reviews for LazerMask™ Laser Engraving / Sandblasting Film

  1. Cody

    I have used several brands of laser mask over the years. This product is FAR better than anything else I’ve used.

    It’s thick enough to let us get some depth in glass and crystal, yet even our most intricate/detailed designs come out perfectly.

    This is the only laser mask we’ll use!

  2. Garry Knapp

    I also picked up a sample if the LazerMask ans found it to be superior to the competition. If you own a laser it is the way to go for getting fine lettering detail when making glass awards. I had tried a competitor product a couple of years before I tried this and it didn’t work very well. It’s a great addition to my arsenal of tools that I use. I haven’t used the technical support because everything works so well. I keep the 4 inch and 8 inch rolls in stock. I hope that people find this review helpful.

  3. Stephanie

    The shipping is fast and the material is excellent quality.

  4. John Walsh

    LazerMask is perfect for what I do! I have tried other masking material and found them to be lacking in a couple of ways. First of all the 8" is exactly the right size for my purposes and the others don’t come in 8" size. Second, the other masks are SUPER STICKY and don’t let me maneuver them. LazerMask gives me a little room for error and makes getting air bubbles out from under it very easy. All in all a great product!

    Walsh Designs LLC

  5. Andrew

    LaserMask Rocks! We blast it all day long.

  6. Robbie

    Works very well. Would recommend the LazerMask to anyone.

  7. Dan Landy

    I’ve tried the competitor’s laser mask & it doesn’t have the same quality. The difference is in the time I save after its etched. Pealing Rayzist’s Lazermask is quick & easy. The competitors product is gooey & takes a lot longer to peal.

  8. Weldon Gibbons

    This stuff is amazing! It has truly taken the work out of sand carving. We tried a sample from the "other guys" because it was priced a little cheaper but threw most of it away and came back to Lasermask. It is a dream to apply and easy to remove but has the strength we need to do everything from crystal to ceramic tile to deep carving rocks. Love this stuff!

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Made in the USA

Rayzist Photomask has been manufacturing LazerMask™ in the USA since 1995.

Achieve Detail

LazerMask™ sandcarving film maintains high resolution designs.

Easy To Use

Apply LazerMask™ to the substrate. Laser to create a stencil and sandcarve. The film removes easily providing a quick clean up.


LazerMask™ sandcarving film is perfect for curved surfaces due to the flexibility of the film. Use LazerMask on odd shapes by stretching the mask over the substrate.

Adhesive Strength

LazerMask™ sandcarving film has a layer of high tack adhesive for superior bond strength. Great for stone, wood, glass, spirit bottles and ceramic surfaces.


Achieve depth in glass and stone. This laser sandcarving film is perfect for a laser engraver desiring to etch depth in glass, crystal, wood and stone.

Color Fill

LazerMask™ is also ideal for adding a Color Fill to the sandcarved surface. The laser mask film peels easily even with a painted surface.

Safe For Lasers

LazerMask™ Sandcarving Film does not contain PVC and will not harm the laser.

Multiple Sizes

Custom size available up to 44” wide.

Is LazerMask™ harmful to my laser?

LazerMask™ is a Non PVC product and safe for all laser engravers.

Why would a laser engraver use LazerMask™?

A - LazerMask™ is a sandcarving film that allows depth into surfaces such as crystal, glass, stone, ceramic and wood.

B - To help reduce fracturing of glass, place LazerMask™ on glass for a laser marking.

How does LazerMask™ work?

Apply LazerMask™ to the substrate. Laser the LazerMask™, the laser will burn the image creating the stencil. Once the stencil is created, place substrate in sandcarving system to achieve the desired depth.

What materials can I use with LazerMask™?

A - LazerMask™ can be applied to glass, crystal, wood, metals and natural stone such as granite, pavers, bricks, tile and river rock.

B - If blasting unpolished surfaces such as concrete or bricks, additional adhesive such as RZ2 maybe required, apply RZ2 to LazerMask™.

Do I use a vector or raster image for LazerMask™?

A raster image is recommended. If a vector image is used, weeding will be required for the design.

Can I add a paint fill application with LazerMask™?

Leave the LazerMask™ on the substrate after sandcarving, then apply paint to the etched area.

What is the difference between LazerMask™ and other laser tapes?

A - LazerMask™ is easy to remove from the surface, especially after using a paint fill application.

B - LazerMask™ is also very durable and can withstand 220, 150 and 120 abrasive at high pressure.


Apply LazerMask™ to the substrate. Laser substrate creating a stencil and sandcarve. Remove LazerMask™ after sandcarving.


Aluminum Oxide or Silicon Carbide is the preferred abrasive to use with LazerMask™ photoresist film. The recommended grit size 120grit to 220grit.


Store in a dry place. LazerMask™ is not a light sensitive film and has no shelf life. LazerMask™ is a water-soluble film.

What are the laser settings to burn a Lazermask?

There are laser guidelines but depending on your laser the laser settings may need adjusting. Wattage and resolution settings will affect laser burning times, results may vary. Low wattage Lasers - 25-35 watt 45-65% Speed x 100% Power Mid – High wattage Lasers - 40-80 watt 80% Speed x 70-100% Power

Do I need to remove the clear liner from the laser mask?

Remove the clear liner after burnishing the Lazermask to the surface. Use plastic squeegee or finger nail to flick the corner of the Lazermask to separate the clear liner from film and peel away.

Can I double the Lazermask to create a thicker sandcarving film?

Create a thicker laser mask by doubling the film. Remove clear liner between layers. Thicker film will allow a deeper sandcarve.