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Photoresist Film

A high-resolution photo resist film with an inherent self sticking quality enabling etchers to achieve the finest detail and deepest etch in the sandcarving industry.

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Preparation in 3 Easy Steps

Apply Mask

Apply the photo mask to a dust and debris-free area where you’d like to etch your image.

Squeegee Mask to Substrate

Use plastic squeegee and apply pressure to secure the photo mask to the substrate.

Remove Protective Liner

Remove clear liner from mask. This is to maintain the integrity of the masking and image.

Done! You are now ready to sandblast.

SR3000™ Self Stick Sandcarving Film

SR3000™ is a repositionable self-stick photoresist film that adheres to any polished surface such as glass, crystal, metal and ceramic. SR3000™ has industry-leading durability and resolution capabilities—you can trust it with half-tone images or ultra high resolution images, for deep to surface etching and on flat or curved surfaces. SR3000™ is a washout film that is designed for production. SR3000™ sandcarving film etches quickly and removes the photomask easily with no residue.


SR3000™ Photoresist Film is designed to be strong and long lasting. Depending on the Mil thickness, SR3000™ can endure Aluminum oxide or Silicon carbide 220, 180, 150 & 120 grit abrasive.

Excellent Detail

Maintains the quality of original halftone or vector images.


Multiple Thicknesses

SR3000™ Photoresist Film is available in 3Mil, 4Mil & 5Mil. 3Mil is ideal for fine detail and half-tone images. 4Mil is perfect for moderately detailed artwork that requires a moderate depth etch. 5Mil is appropriate for artwork requiring a deep etch.

Quick Process

Exposure times are quick. The washout process is streamlined for maximum efficiency. Provide a ready to use mask fast.



SR3000™ is the most flexible sandcarving film available. Use it on flat or curved or tapered surfaces. It is also ideal for applying a color fill application.


Easy Application

SR3000™ Photoresist Film is a repositionable sandcarving film. Apply SR3000™ photomask to the surface and realign multiple times if needed. Squeegee photomask once in place. Sandcarving is quick since there no layer of adhesive. Peel photomask stencil easy with no residue.

SR2000™ Photo Resist Sandcarving Film

SR2000™ patented non-stick surface streamlines processing, without limiting your ability to carve fine details and compelling etches on a variety of materials. SR2000™ is the preferred photo resist film when a high tack bond is required to secure the photomask to substrate. This high tack bond is ideal for powder coated metal, wood, unpolished, porous and uneven natural stone surfaces.


SR2000™ photo resist film is durable and will endure high pressure blasting with a coarse abrasive. 

Recommended Materials

SR2000™ photo resist film in 5 Mil & 6Mil is ideal for metal, powder coated metal, acrylic and wood materials.


Stone Surfaces

SR2000™ photo resist film in 6Mil & 9Mil is ideal for natural stone and uneven surfaces. Sandblast depth into granite, brick, pavers, tile and all stone materials.

Quick Process

Exposure times are low for SR2000™ photo resist film. The washout process is streamlined for maximum efficiency. Provide a ready to use mask quickly.

Excellent Detail

Sandblast detailed designs into natural stone surfaces. Moderate to deep carvings is achievable with SR2000™ photo resist film 5Mil, 6Mil & 9Mil.


Adhesive Strength

Determine the bond strength for the project. Apply RZ2 brush-on adhesive to photomask stencil.  RZ2 adhesive provides a strong tack for the photo resist stencil to adhere to unpolished surfaces or an aggressive sandblast. RZ3 spray on adhesive is also available.

Rayzist SR Monument image


Photoresist Film

SRMonument™ is a pre-glue monument photoresist film. It is unlike any other monument film with the benefits of detailed artwork and is able to endure a tough aggressive sandblast without having to apply adhesive to the film. There is absolutely no weeding or application of adhesive. Perfect for the monument builder requiring detail designs.

Blast detail images

Durable & able to handle detail


No Weeding

Save time with no weeding with SRMonument photoresist film.

Faster clean up

Reduces or eliminates residue

Pre-glue photoresist film

Aggressive layer of adhesive for high tack bond.


High pressure blast

Best performance 80 grit up to 120PSI

Use in auto sandblast systems

The durable monument photoresist film is able to withstand high pressure blast with a coarse grit to achieve depth quickly.

Designed for stone and pavers

Ideal for granite, concrete and irregular surfaces

LASER the design. Apply LazerMask™ Sandcarving film to the substrate and laser. The laser will create the Sandcarving stencil.

CARVE the item for depth with Aluminum Oxide or Silicon Carbide 120-150 grit is recommended to use with LazerMask™ film. Sandblast pressure 20-50PSI for best results. Leave the LazerMask™ stencil on and add an optional paint fill.

CREATE beautiful sandcarved items such as spirit bottles, crystal awards, stone and wood materials using LazerMask™ film.

Laser mask sandcarving film

LazerMask™ is an extremely durable Sandcarving film and designed to be used with your C02 or YAG Laser. The film is coated with a high tack adhesive for superior bond strength. LazerMask™ is also know as a laser mask or laser tape film.


LazerMask™ Sandcarving film has a layer of high tack adhesive for superior bond strength. Great for stone, wood, glass, spirit bottles and ceramic surfaces.

Easy to use

Apply LazerMask™ to the substrate. Laser to create a stencil and sandcarve. The film removes easily providing a quick clean up.

Achieve Depth

This film is perfect for a laser engraver desiring to etch depth in glass, crystal, and stone.



LazerMask™ Sandcarving film is perfect for curved surfaces due to the flexibility of the film.

Blast detail images

LazerMask™ Sandcarving film maintains high resolution designs.

Color Fill

LazerMask™ is also ideal for adding a paint fill to the sandcarved surface. The laser mask film peels easily even with a painted surface.