SRMONUMENT™ Photo Resist Film - Rayzist Photomask

SRMONUMENT™ Photo Resist Film

14 in x 8½ in (25 Sheets)
14 in x 25 ft (1 Roll)
14 in x 50 ft (1 Roll)
14 in x 100 ft (1 Roll)
28 in x 100 ft (1 Roll)
28 in x 25 ft (1 Roll)
28 in x 50 ft (1 Roll)
42 in x 25 ft (1 Roll)
42 in x 50 ft (1 Roll)
42 in x 100 ft (1 Roll)
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Manufacturer Direct Film Support

Rayzist produces all photoresist films in USA since 1983.


Save time with no weeding plus gain the ability to sandblast detailed images with SRMonument™ Photoresist Film. Plus this is a monument sandcarving film that can handle detailed images.

High Pressure Sandblast

The durable monument photoresist film is able to withstand high pressure blast with a coarse grit to achieve depth quickly.

Proven Stronger Film

SRMonument™ Photo Resist Film is the most durable and strongest sandcarving film on the market. It is design to withstand traditional monument blasting in granite, natural stone, concrete, irregular, unpolished and polished surfaces.

Adhesive Strength

SRMonument™ Photo Resist Film has an aggressive consistent layer of glue. No application of glue is needed and no wait time for adhesive to dry.

Quick Clean Up

SRMonument™ has a pre-glue layer that is water soluble and reduces or eliminates residue.

Why use SRMonument™ Photoresist Film in place of a vinyl?

A vinyl material requires weeding the design, which is time consuming and limits detail. SRMonument™ is a photoresist film that can achieve detail and required no weeding of the design. SRMonument™ allows the blaster to obtain the same depth that is capable with rubber and vinyl.

Is SRMonument™ a Pre-Glue film?

SRMonument™ is a Pre-Glue film and does not require an adhesive application. The Pre-Glue is aggressive and similar to a vinyl material.

Can the Rayzist Hand Spray to washout SRMonument™ film?

SRMonument™ requires pressure to washout the film. We recommend using Rayzist's 1232 or 1650 Automatic Washout System or a pressure sprayer to develop SRMonument™. The Rayzist Hand Sprayer does not provide enough pressure to washout SRMonument™.

What type of exposure system is required to expose SRMonument™?

A Letralite Unit or the Luminex 1422 exposure system is recommended to use to expose SRMonument™. For best results use a vacuum exposure system such as Luminex 1422.

How difficult is it to remove SRMonument™ from a substrate after blasting?

A benefit of using SRMonument™ it removes easily from the substrate with little to no residue.


SRMonument™ Photoresist Film has a white paper backing that protects the pre-glue side. The white backing paper is removed once the photomask is ready to apply to the substrate.


Aluminum Oxide or Silicon Carbide is the preferred abrasive to use with Monument Grade film. The recommended grit size 80grit to 120grit with at least 50psi to 120psi blasting pressure.

Color Fill Application

Apply a Stone Tone or a Monument paint after sandblasting. Just leave the photomask on the substrate after the surface is etched and add a color fill application. Remove the photomask after the paint has dried.


SRMonument™ is a UV light sensitive photoresist film. Sunlight will expose the film. Photoresist film can be handled under fluorescent lighting for a limited time or under yellow lighting with no limitations and is a water-soluble film.