2034VXA Adjustable Automatic Recycling Sandcarving System

2034VXA Adjustable Automatic Recycling Sandcarving System

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Built for Production

2034VXA Sandcarving System is Built for You! by Rayzist Photomask

Sandcarve into crystal, glass, metal, wood, river rock, stone and more with our 2034VXA Adjustable Sandcarving System. The 2034VXA system can handle any project, from the hobbyist to full-scale production, surface etch to a deep carve. This exclusive ergonomic design adjusts effortlessly. The 2034VXA incorporates HEPA Filtration and Vortex Airwash Media Reclaim, ensuring the cleanest system available and the most comfortable.

Additional information

Weight600 lbs
Dimensions34 × 25.5 × 78.5 in



What types of materials will the 2034VXA sandcarve?

The 2034VXA can sandcarve glass, crystal, metal, wood, natural stone and virtually any hard surface.

What is the largest size item that can be placed in a 2034VXA?

The inside working area measures at 34″w x 22″D x 24″H. An item that measures within this size will fit inside the blasting cabinet.

How long will the abrasive last in the 2034VXA sandcarving system?

The longevity of the abrasive depends on the hours, materials and blasting pressure. Hard materials with high pressure blasting tend to break down the Low to Mid-range production users typically change abrasive 4 – 6 month range where a large production user will change abrasive monthly.

Is it easy to change out the abrasive?

Changing out the abrasive is very easy. Simply open the sand flow valve to 100%, close the blasting air valve and pump out the abrasive into a bucket or heavy-duty bag. This process takes over a few minutes.

When do the filtration bags need to be replaced?

It is recommended to change the filtration bags every 12 to 18 months depending use of the sandcarving system.

Is the 2034VXA a self-contained sandcarving system?

The 2034VXA is a completely self-contained system especially disposing of the dust.

Why is epoxy powder coating better than an industrial paint application?

Epoxy powder coating is the highest form of treatment for metal surfaces. The is an expensive treatment to cover and protect the metal surface. Rayzist uses a two-tone wrinkle finish on all the sandcarving systems to guard against scratching and rust. The powder coated finish will protect the body of the sandcarving system longer than any industrial paint.



Vortex Technology

Vortex technology automatically separates the usable abrasive from the unusable abrasive, maximizing the recycle rate of your blasting media.

During blasting, Vortex sends the abrasive into an airwash, which automatically filters the finest dust particles and debris from the usable abrasive. The dust and debris are directed into the HEPA filtration system, ultimately ending up in the disposable liner; the usable abrasive is redirected back into your system for reuse.

Pressure Pot

This 50 lb., ASME-certified pressure vessel houses the abrasive. It automatically filters out debris to prevent clogging. Our exclusive 45 degree angle design allows for a more consistent sandflow.

Premium Dust Filtration System

This exclusive, built-on dust filtration system incorporates a mechanical shaker to protect you from exposure to airborne dust while you are sandcarving, and even during maintenance dust removal. The dust filtration system efficiently separates the worn abrasive using eleven woven polyester, HEPA filtration Teflon bags. Built-in HEPA filtration allows for separation and capture of 99.7 of the dust particles as you are sandcarving. As a result, your sandcarving work area remains cleaner at all times The unusable abrasive is then emptied into the clear disposable liner.

Clear Disposable Liner

This accessible, removable clear liner stores your unusable abrasive until you are ready to throw it out. The clear liner is attached to the lower chamber of the Premium Dust Filtration System; because the bag is transparent, you can easily see when it needs to be emptied.

1/3 Horsepower High Efficient Motor

The 1/3 horsepower, low maintenance motor optimizes the output of your sandcarving system. The powerful 740 CFM (Cubic Feet per Minute) motor will withstand years of operation.

Adjustable Cabinet Design

The 2034VXA adjusts to your perfect ergonomic standing or seating height. Ideal for multiple cabinet users, the sandblasting system effortlessly adjusts to you. Sandcarve in perfect comfort, no body adjustments, simply adjust the system to you!


The system is built to last for years, with total seam-welded, 14 gage steel construction and a epoxy powder-coated finish. The epoxy powder-coated finish resists rust as well as chips, scratches and wears better than other types of finishes.

Padded Arm Rests

The padded arm rests prevent stress to your forearms and provide added comfort while sandcarving

Dual Recessed LED Lights

The dual recessed LED lighting provides the brightest lit sandcarving workspace, but yet soft on the eyes.


Locking wheels give you the flexibility to move your system when required.

Foot Switch Valve

This new footswitch valve provides longer performance and is very low maintenance in comparison to the former footswitch valve. It also optimizes air and sand flow to your hoses.

Heavy Duty Blasting Hose

The 10 ft. heavy duty hose is flexible and provides adequate sand flow and longer blasting usage.

Carbide Nozzle

The durable 3/32-inch carbide nozzle is versatile and easy to use for any sandcarving project. It comes with an adapter and O-ring.

Pressure Regulator/Water Separator

This unit regulates the amount of air pressure and sand flow (PSI) being sent to your blasting hose/nozzle and efficiently separates the water content. We have combined the two functions into one unit to minimize space. Standard features include an auto-relieving moisture drain to remove water drops and oil from compressed air, a push-down locking adjustment knob to change pressure settings, pressure gauge, liquid level indicator and manual relieving valve.

Exclusive Air Curtain

The Exclusive Max Flow Air Curtain directs air across your viewing window to remove dust and ensure maximum visibility while sandcarving. This process is made possible by a vent above the viewing window. Also, helps prevent dust and overspray to your viewing window.

Oversized Viewing Window

The oversized laminated safety glass provides superior visibility while sandcarving.

Epoxy Powder Coated

The system is Epoxy Powder Coated inside and outside with a two-tone epoxy powder coated for durable and resistant finish

Powder Coating is a process called “Electrostatic Spray Deposition” (ESD) and is used to achieve the application of the epoxy powder coating to a metal substrate. An epoxy resin is cross-linked with a co-reactant or hardener, which when properly catalyzed and applied, the epoxies produce a hard, chemical and solvent resistant finish. This application method uses a spray gun, which applies an electrostatic charge to the powder particles, which are then attracted to the grounded part.
Powder coating results in a thick, dense finish on metal products which are more durable and last longer than conventional or industrial painting. Rayzist Photomask spends the extra effort and costs to ensure every sandcarving and automatic washout system is epoxy powder coated to produce the most durable finish.

Technical Details

2034VXA Manual

2034VXA Cabinet Specs:

Inside Workspace: 34″d x 22″w x 24″h

Outside Dimensions: 34″d x 25.5″w x 78.5″h

Shipping Weight: 600lbs.

The standard unit is 110 volt, 15 amp (220v 50h Power Conversion Upgrade Available)

Compressed Air Requirements: 5.5 CFM (or greater) at 90 psi to facilitate blasting pressures of 30 psi using 3/32″ nozzle.


  • Lifetime warranty on cabinet construction
  • 1-year warranty on the motor
  • 90-day warranty on water separator/regulator
  • 90-day warranty on foot pedal, foot switch valve and heavy-duty blasting hose


Why has air and abrasive stopped flowing out of the nozzle when the foot pedal is engaged?

The most common issue is a clog. A clog can consist of a small piece of sandcarving film or debris. Follow the steps below to unclog the blasting stream.
A. Remove nozzle and nozzle holder. Look through nozzle and confirm that there is no obstruction. If nozzle is clear, set aside and proceed to following steps.
B. Close sandflow valve

C. Open airflow valve 100%
D. Set on pedal

E. If no air flows through sandblast hose, open the sandflow valve and close the blasting air valve. Increase blasting pressure 5-10PSI and step on foot pedal.

F. Once clog is removed reset air and sand flow valves, replace nozzle.

Is it normal to have large burst of abrasive come out of my nozzle during sandcarving?

A burst of abrasive is normal when first stepping on the foot pedal. If there is a burst of abrasive during sandcarving then the sandflow valve is open more than the airflow valve and the sandflow valve needs to close slightly. Close sandflow valve about a 1/4″ and step on the foot pedal for 20-30 seconds.

Why does it seem have more air than sand/abrasive coming out of the nozzle?

If it appears the air is taking over the sand flow stream then close the airflow valve slightly about a 1/4″. Step on the pedal for 20-30 seconds and repeat if air is still taking over sand flow. The sand flow and airflow valve should be at equal parts, 50%.

Why does the abrasive and air continue to flow when the foot pedal is disengaged?

A – Confirm the air compressor output pressure is set to a minimum of 90PSI to Sandcarving System.

B – If the air compressor output pressure is set correctly, next confirm the tube sleeve inside Foot Switch Valve has not worn through creating a pinhole.


The 2034VXA Sandcarving System shipping on a pallet with a double wall box by a trucking company. A lift gate is required upon delivery if a forklift or loading dock is not available.

Shipping weight: 600lbs.

Note: Shipments may take 1-3 business days to process unless otherwise specified.

12 reviews for 2034VXA Adjustable Automatic Recycling Sandcarving System

  1. Austin Case

    I have now had this machine for several years and can honestly say it is the best money I have spent on my business. After several years of Homemade cabinets, Harbor freight specials, I finally bit the bullet and bought this machine and the difference in your productivity, cleanness of the shop area…. its night and day wish I had bought years earlier!!!!! WELL WORTH EVERY PENNY!!!!!

  2. Darin Kaye

    Purchased the 2034VX with the 18” LED light bar. Within 2 hours upon receiving shipment, up and running. Great attention to detail in the owners manual. After running a few hundred glasses and mugs, AMAZING!

  3. Austin Case

    I have now had this machine for several years and can honestly say it is the best money I have spent on my business. After several years of Homemade cabinets, Harbor freight specials, I finally bit the bullet and bought this machine and the difference in your productivity, cleanness of the shop area…. its night and day wish I had bought years earlier!!!!! WELL WORTH EVERY PENNY!!!!!

  4. Geoffrey Surprenant

    Best on the market hands down! I had the mayor of Marysville come out to my shop and he was surprised at how clean everything was. It keeps dust to an absolute minimum and I can blast my glass while comfortably sitting on a stool. What does come out falls to the floor and is easily cleaned up. Most importantly, the airborne sand is recycled through the machine leaving concerns about Silicosis behing. I shudder to think what people are getting exposed to because they have the wrong equipment. Completely made in the USA! Big selling point for me. I took the sandblast class to get comfortable with the machine and was happy I did so. The same day it arrived, I was blasting glass. The ratings here go from bad to good but I would rate this machine as an EXCELLENT!

  5. Peter Paddon

    I wanted the smaller cabinet, until I tried the 2034VXA. Getting it into my workshop really did need two or three people helping, but once it was there, I was a happy man.
    I did have a problem shortly after getting it, when the regulator wouldn’t pressurize. But Billy and the crew at Rayzist quickly got a replacement to me, even recording a video to show how to switch it out. Once the new regulator was in place, everything worked perfectly.
    The design of the cabinet is near perfect. It moves easily on its wheels, but locks down solidly. The HEPA filtration system works very efficiently, and the hydraulic adjustment for height makes it easy to tailor the cabinet to the ideal height for the worker. This sandblasting system is close to perfect in design. If I could have one additional feature, I would like the option to have the arm holes slightly further apart, to accommodate my broad shoulders, but that is really nit-picking. Did I mention how much I love my blaster?

  6. Suzanne Werner

    I cannot believe how easy and fun it is to use. It has become the catalyst of so much creative activity that my mind is on overload – in a very good way!

  7. Ryan Teurfs

    This machine is a game changer. I have been struggling with various blast cabinets for years and had resorted to thinking that sandblasting glass was simply a tedious, messy process. After much consideration and hesitation I recently purchased the 2034vxa. After setting up and blasting one piece I realized I had never before "sand-carved". The ease of use, the amazing depth and clarity that this cabinet provides is truly amazing. CLEAN CLEAN CLEAN! Finally I can keep my cold working room CLEAN! The 2034vxa is smooth, easy to use, and worth every penny! My only regret is wasting money and time with other units. I should mention I am a borosilicate lamp-worker and the pieces we work with are rarely flat but with the sr3000 mask and the 2034vxa cabinet we can do fun amazing things. I cannot say enough about this machine. If you can fit it in your budget, do not hesitate – you will not be disappointed.

  8. Ron Perkins

    If you plan on providing commercial etching and sandcarving services, the 2034VXA is an incredibly capable system which gives you a tremendous capacity for performing high quality etching on a great variety of items in a variety of sizes. The VORTEX HEPA filter and wind curtain system combined with powerful lighting do an excellent job of keeping the blast area clear of flying particles and well lit, allowing you to see even the smallest details to be etched while also allowing you to use the cabinet indoors. The pressure pot blast system is far superior to siphon systems found in many commercial blast cabinets, allowing for the use of less air pressure to perform the same job while achieving greater detail and consistency. The 2034VXA is ergonomically designed for comfort when using for long periods of time and is adjustable to accommodate a variety of people. The 2034VXA is a dependable, powerful, professional blast cabinet that is right at home in a commercial environment.

  9. Jim

    Thanks for letting me know that I didn’t need that diaphragm, the fact is I have looked at so many sandblast equipment manufactures that I’m sure i got things confused, anyway the fact is that 99% of company’s would have just put it on the order in the name of profit, However you did not.

    This just further confirms that beyond the shadow of a doubt that I have made the right choice in deciding to go with Rayzist.

    Trust is everything in life and in business and I am happy to know that I am doing business with honest people and a Great Company.

  10. Jim Adlhoch

    Their sandblasting equipment is built like a tank and just hums right along making my job easier. I’m very tall, so the 2034 adjustable system is perfect.

  11. Mike Perna

    Just had the 2034 system delivered and was an easy setup.
    Trying to save money with the cheap systems really cost more in frustration and poor results. Now I put out quality and in more quantity. Masking products are so easy to work with.

  12. David

    You will NOT be sorry if you buy the 2034VXA! I started out small using one of those bench model
    cabinets and after fighting the dust all the time and not being able to see what I was working on and
    trying to find a "sweet" spot for the height of the cabinet I had enough.

    After looking at countless industrial style cabinets I felt I would still have the same problems until I
    found the Rayzist 2034VXA. What a JOY to use! Just being able to see what I’m working on is worth
    the money. I’m 6′ 3" and with this being adjustable I can work with it either standing up or sitting on a
    stool. Now I don’t have the back and leg fatigue I had using my bench model. Another nice feature is
    this system has wheels / casters so I can move it around in my garage with ease so it’s out of the way for
    my other hobbies / projects. While I blast it is hard to believe I’m even blasting because the cabinet is so
    free of dust. You will be amazed at how fast the dust is cleared out of the cabinet.

    They are not kidding when they say you can take this out of box, hook it up and go to work. That is what
    I did in about 45 minutes and that included pulling it off pallet. Hook up is a breeze and operation is a
    breeze. Once you get the valves set to where you want them you are ready for business.

    Support? Top NOTCH!! I don’t know what they are paying Liz but it isn’t enough. I sent her probably
    20 to 30 emails asking every question I could possibly think of and always got a quick response back.
    Even after the sale they were happy to help but to be honest if I had "read the manual" I could have
    answered my own questions :-). Not only that Liz followed up to make sure the order was delivered and
    I was satisfied. Can’t say that about some of the other companies thar are just a "Sell it and forget it"
    company leaving you hanging with no support.

    Just an FYI for those thinking about ordering one of these. It is a heavy item and comes on a pallet. The
    freight company unloaded it and brought it to my garage on a pallet jack but being on the pallet and in
    a large box he could not get it into my garage because it was just about 2 inches to high. I took it off the
    pallet myself BUT it was not an easy task so make sure you have help when it comes to that. After that, I
    rolled it into my garage, set it up and was sand carving in no time.

    Whether you are a professional or hobbyist you will enjoy having this system at your side. Along with
    their support and supporting products (SR2000 and SR3000) you will have no problem getting the results
    you desire. I hope to put up some YouTube videos soon so potential customers can see this in action.

    Thanks Rayzist (and Liz)

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