2636VXA Sandcarving System and Dust Collector System Bundle

2636VXA Sandcarving System and Dust Collector System Bundle


2636VXA Adjustable Sandcarving System × 2

Adjustable Sandcarving System

The 2636VXA Sandcarving System has a modular design allowing configuration to your specific needs. Our production setup features two 2636VXA Sandcarving Systems with one central filtration unit. Optionally you can start with a single 2636VXA Sandcarving System and a central filtration unit, and then add the second system when production demands.

The Dust Filtration design is both powerful and smart. The 226sq ft of filtration is designed to operate two 2636VXA Sandcarving Systems at once. The built-in suction dampener will adjust the system’s internal airflow. The Dust Collector is equipped with an airflow meter which monitors differential pressure between the clean and recirculated air. Once the airflow meter measures a decrease in air pressure, the automatic air pulse cleaning function injects 100psi of stored air into the cartridge filter, providing clean airflow into the 2636VXA Sandcarving System.

The cabinet workspace is deep and wide (inside work area 26”x36”) with bright balanced LED lighting. These are automatic refill pressurized systems with adjustable height capability measuring 12” of height adjustment for a perfect ergonomic standing position. Every detail of the 2636VXA Sandcarving System was designed with the etcher in mind, making the experience productive, efficient, and convenient.

Automatic Dust Collector

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Additional information

Dimensions1 × 1 × 1 in

2636VXA Adjustable Sandcarving System

Weight500 lbs
Dimensions30.7 × 38.2 × 67.5 in

Automatic Dust Collector

Weight400 lbs
Dimensions35.7 × 21.5 × 74.2 in


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