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Silicon Carbide Sandblasting Abrasive

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Silicon carbide: is preferred for flat lapping of materials such as glass, crystal, metals and ceramics. It is commonly used for blasting metals, because it leaves behind a polishing effect. SC cuts very quickly, faster than AO in pressure blast applications, because it has a sharper structure. It does not, however, recycle as well as AO. SC’s advantages include its reflective properties, polishing ability of metals, and speed of etch on glass. Proper precautions need to be taken when exposed to finer particulate. 55lb. Bag

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  1. Bob at Eagle’s Mark

    We prefer silicon carbide over aluminium oxide even though it costs a little more. Blasting with silicon carbide produces much less dust, so it’s easier to see while blasting; It’s also sharper and stays sharper much longer, and in the long run it lasts much longer so it is actually cheaper per hour of use.

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