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1232 Automatic Washout System

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1232 Automatic Washout System:

1232 Automatic Washout System is our most popular machine for developing photoresist film. It is designed for the mid to large level production users producing perfect results every cycle. The 1232 system will produce half-tone images, detailed designs to thicker photoresist film for stone etching.

The 1232 Automatic Washout System is built to run continuous cycles washing photoresist film. The 12”x32” wash area will hold one long sheet or two 8.5”x14” sheets of photoresist film.

The 1232 has an energy efficient motor and pump. This automatic washout system is built with a heated pressurized sealed vessel ready to wash film on demand.

Note: The use of any photoresist film materials in our Rayzist Automatic Washout Systems other than Rayzist SR2000™ or SR3000™ films will void any manufactures warranty. Rayzist cannot validate any foreign materials or chemicals used in our patented film processors.

Additional information

Weight565 lbs
Dimensions24 × 32 × 55 in



Q – What is my return on this investment?

A business will save on labor and time immediately. In addition to saving on labor the washout system will provide consistent results, quality and increase productivity.

Q – When is this washout system right for my production?

A – When a business is washing more than 10 sheets of photoresist film a week, a washout system is highly recommended for a business.

B – A washout system will produce a large number of stencils faster than hand washing and you will be prepared for the big job.

Q – Is hot water required to operate the 1232 Washout system?

Hot water is required for a quick washout of SR2000 or SR3000 film. Cold water will result in slightly longer washout time.

Q – What is the power requirement for a 1232 Washout System?

The 1232 Washout system is only a 110volt 60HZ electrical requirement.

Q – What Mil thicknesses can the 1232 Automatic System washout?

The 1232 Automatic Washout System has the capability to washout photoresist film from 3Mil to 6Mil photo resist film.


Max washout area

Produces one sheet up to 12″x32″- The max size photoresist sheet is 12″x32″. It is common to wash one or two sheets of 8.5″x14″.

Water pressure tank

This sealed water pressure tank receives incoming water. The water tank is equipped with a heater and maintains a set water temperature. The sealed water tank ensure no overfilling will occur.

Control panel

Control panel is equipped with multiple functions to operate the washout system efficiently. Panel includes a large transparent time setting knob that facilitates time settings for different thicknesses of photoresist films.

5 High pressure spray nozzles

The 5 spray nozzles produce a high-pressure water fan spray over the 12″x32″ drum providing a perfect wash of photoresist film.

High efficiency pressure pump

The 1232 washout system is equipped with the powerful pump that provides high-pressure rapid washout with minimal water usage.

Energy efficient motor

The heavy-duty motor provides consistency and longevity of the 1232 washout system. It operates on low energy with minimal sound.

Process multiple Mil thicknesses of photoresist

The 1232 system has the capability of washing out 3 Mil, 4 Mil, 5 Mil and 6 Mil photo resist films.

Easy glide cover

Easy roll top lid, stainless steel wash head cover. The easy roll top lid allows for easy open and close of the washout system.

Auxiliary hand sprayer

A Rayzist hand sprayer is connected to the 1232 washout system. Use a hand sprayer to touch up any areas that were not washed out in cycle. This is commonly used for large negative images.

Locking wheels

It is easy to glide the 1232 washout system into the desired location and lock the wheels.

Technical Details


20-amp, 110 volt 60 Hz. The 1232 automatic washout system includes a UL listed electrical installation. The electrical mechanisms are contained in one location and installed by a certified electrician.


Install water inlet ¾” MGTF (male garden hose thread)
Install 1.5” ABS drain with 1.5” coupler (items not provided) to rear of washout system.

GPC (gallons per cycle)

The 1232 operates on minimal water use by providing a rapid washout at 2.9 gallon* per cycle.*2.9 gallon based on 3Mil photoresist film.

Overall dimensions

24″d x 32″w x 55″h

Max washout area

Produces one sheet up to 12″x32″. This drum will hold one to two sheets sized at 8.5″x14″.



The 1232 Automatic Washout System ships in a crate by freight. A lift gate is required upon delivery if a loading dock or
fork lift is not available.

Shipping Crate Weight: 400lbs

Note: Shipments may take 1-3 business days to process unless otherwise specified.

3 reviews for 1232 Automatic Washout System

  1. Chuck

    We love our new 1232 washout machine! The new model is much better than our old machine that lasted over 12 years. Smaller foot print, but can handle the same amount of work load. Great company, great products, great staff. Highly recommend anything from Rayzist.

  2. Geoffrey Surprenant

    This machine works wonders! When I purchased this along with my sandblast booth, I also paid to have John Anthony Demarzo come out to train me on its use in my environment. John made sure I understood everything i needed to know about the maintenance and upkeep of my new washout machine. I can’t imagine doing the number of film washouts I do without this machine and probably one of the smartest investments I made was to bring someone out to help me dial in the equipment. Because of the efforts of everyone at Rayzist in general and John Anthony in particular, I not only have the best equipment on the market but, I also feel that I have the best equipment support on the market. I would encourage anyone thinking about purchasing equipment from Rayzist to first take their sandblasting class as I did, and then meet your extended family!

  3. Scott

    First, the washout machine is the greatest invention for anyone that does etching. This is my second one. I got the first one about 13 years ago and just wore it out. Now I got the 1232 and I can’t believe how much more efficient it is than my old one. I washout a sheet of SR3000 3 mil in about 30 seconds.

    GREAT MACHINE GUYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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