1650 Automatic Washout System

1650 Automatic Washout System

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1650 Automatic Washout System:

Manage your high-output photoresist processing faster and better with the Rayzist Photomask 1650 Automatic Washout System. With an exclusive, patented design, the Automatic Washout System jumpstarts your productivity by automating the washout process and producing ultra-consistent results. If you are washing out at least 200 feet of photoresist film monthly, nothing but the 1650 will do.

This state-of-the-art automatic washout system has the capacity to wash one long sheet at 16″x50″ or process up to five sheets (legal size sheets) of photoresist film in 45 seconds. This 1650 is equipped electronic PLC panel loaded with multiple functions by touch screen. This panel is loaded with features such as multiple preset wash times for different film thicknesses, programmable timer for awake and sleep time as well as multiple days shut down.

The 1650 automatic washout system is built for the large production film user that demands quality with productivity. This system is designed for the high production user with a heated certified seal water vessel and 10 high pressure nozzles that develop film in record time.

This Washout System has the ability to handle large jobs efficiently providing you with professional photomasks.

Note: The use of any photoresist film materials in our Rayzist Automatic Washout Systems other than Rayzist SR2000™ or SR3000™ films will void any manufactures warranty. Rayzist cannot validate any foreign materials or chemicals used in our patented film processors.

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Weight744 lbs
Dimensions33 × 42 × 63 in

2 reviews for 1650 Automatic Washout System

  1. Geoff Warleigh

    Really happy with the quality and efficiency of this machine. It works perfectly for fine detail wash out and has sped up our production process dramatically.

  2. Sarah Walter

     Josh and the staff at Rayzist are an incredibly impressive team. We have been working with them for artwork, photomasks and most recently the purchase of photomask,1650 Automatic Washout System and CNC Autoblaster equipment. From day one, they have answered every question diligently and clearly with great care that we are able to get what we need. They’ve gone above and beyond customer service. There isn’t anything they haven’t been able to help with. They are truly experts and masters of their craft. We know we are in good hands working with them and we look forward to our continued education of their products and the great benefits of our new equipment to our production.

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How many legal size sheets will the 1650 process in one wash?

The 16"x50" drum will hold 5 8.5"x14" sheets or one long sheet of photoresist film.

What are the electrical requirements for the 1650 washout system?

The electrical requirement is 20 AMP, 208-240VAC, 50/60Hz, Single Phase.

Can 1650 system's heated reservoir heat incoming cold water?

There is a heater installed on the water vessel, however the heater is designed to maintain the set temperature of incoming water, it is not designed to heat cold water in time for washout.

What Mil thicknesses can the 1650 Automatic System washout?

The 1650 Automatic Washout System has the capability to washout photoresist film from 3Mil to 9Mil as well as Rayzist's monument photoresist film, SRMonument.

Overall Measurements

Overall dimensions: 33"d x 42"w x 63"h

Control panel

Touch Screen PLC panel is equipped with multiple functions to operate the washout system efficiently. PLC panel is loaded with features such as multiple preset wash times for different film thicknesses, programmable timer for awake and sleep time as well as multiple days shut down.


20 AMP, 208-240VAC, 50/60Hz, Single Phase. The electrical mechanisms are contained in one location and installed by a certified electrician.


Install a water inlet ¾” MGTF (male garden hose thread)

Install a 1.5” ABS drain to rear of 1650 washout system.

GPC (gallons per cycle)

The 1650 operates on minimal water use by providing a rapid washout at 8.5 gallon*. *8.5 gallon based on 3Mil photoresist film.


Lifetime warranty on construction of 1650 washout system and pressure tank. 1-year warranty on the motor and pump 1-year warranty on electrical, nozzles and hoses