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RZ2 Adhesive

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RZ2 adhesive: used for hand brushed applications. This thick milky in color, water based adhesive applies easily and dries to a clear strong, reliable binding agent. RZ2 adhesive is versatile and can be used on many surface types, Fast clean up; no solvents needed. Brush Application

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  1. Gery Flogerzi

    This adhesive was a life-saver! Years ago when we started lasering natural stones, sandblasting them and paint-filling them, the laser mask just didn’t have enough tack to stick to the rough texture of the stones we were using. Billy and Art worked with us and came up with a system that when we applied a thin coat of this adhesive to an already coated laser mask and let it dry, it built up the glue just enough to stick perfectly to even very rough textured stone. Using that process, we produced thousands of stones with perfect quality with just a little more prepping involved. Thanks and hats off to Rayzist!!

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