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LazerMask Roll

“RED” Clearly Makes the Difference

*** Same Application *** Same Durability *** Same Results ***

LazerMask™ has changed from a black opaque film to a translucent NEW RED. This new improved LazerMask™ will allow you to align your masking to your substrate more efficiently. The translucent NEW RED is easier to apply on dark substrates such as wine bottles and mugs, enabling you to view the etching process from lasering to sandcarving.


LazerMask™ is a non-PVC sandcarving film that won’t corrode your laser’s hardware. With LazerMask™ you can utilize the accuracy and precision of a laser engraver to reproduce images into glass, crystal, and stone while retaining the beauty and depth of traditional sandcarving.


LazerMask™ has to blast resilient properties equal to Rayzist’s SR™ photoresist films.


LazerMask™ eliminates the steps of a traditional photomask. Just apply, laser, and sand carve; a major benefit for smaller runs. Blast high-resolution designs quickly and easily saving time in the application, burn time, and clean up.


4”, 6”, 8” & 10” wide x 200’ rolls.


To use LazerMask™ sandcarving film, you need a laser engraver and a sandcarving system similar to our 1924 Standard System or 2034VX Production model. (See our “Sandcarving Systems” sell sheet or visit for more information on sandcarving units).

Shelf Life:

Non-Applicable. Store at room temperature. No special handling required.
Material Chosen and Why:
LazerMask™ sandcarving film is a non-PVC sandcarving film offering a fast burn, great detail, durability, with a fast and easy clean up… without the need for sticky, hard to use vinyls or tapes.

To Use:
  1. Apply LazerMask™ to the flat surface of the item
  2.  beginning at one end burnishing flat with a plastic squeegee to the opposite end(similar to applying vinyl) to avoid trapped air.
  3. Remove the Clear Carrier Film.
  4. Laser the image.
  5. Sandcarve the item.
  6. Paint fill (if desired) while the mask is still on.


Laser Guidelines:








Wattage and resolution settings will effect laser burning times, results may vary.

Low wattage Lasers:

25-35 watt 45-65% Speed x 100% Power

Mid – High wattage Lasers:

40-80 watt 80% Speed x 70-100% Power

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